AeroAnalysis International was founded in 2018 by Dhierin-Perkash Bechai in The Netherlands, but its activities date back to 2013 as a provider of investment  research. The company utilizes a no-nonsense approach towards its research relying on a combination of independent analysis, engineering knowledge, and data processing.

With a background in Aerospace Engineering (Delft University of Technology) and a specialization in Flight Performance and Propulsion, Dhierin knows about the principles of flight, aircraft design and performance analysis. With these professionally acquired skills Dhierin is uniquely positioned to analyze companies in the industry allowing analysis from product level all the way up to company level and the macro-economic landscape.

This unique engineering approach towards research and more particularly investment research is unique in its kind and recognized by his readers and industry professionals. Over the years, 25 million readers have used Dhierin’s work for their due diligence. His expertise is both published online and in print and has been used as supporting material in the WTO dispute between Boeing and Airbus.

His work is read by DIY investors, hedge fund managers and professionals from the aerospace industry. Due to the unique angled approach, Dhierin has also been comissioned various times by the aerospace industry. Some of his most followed work includes the prospective launch of a new mid-market jet by Boeing for which he concluded that a launch would likely face a delay. Following the tragic accidents with the Boeing 737 MAX, Dhierin’s work provided valuable guidance explaining the crisis from the point of view of an aerospace engineer.

Aviation connects, aircraft connect cities, countries and cultures and as result play an incredibly big role in the day-to-day life of people, the economy and trade. In 2020, the pandemic broke those connections and airlines and lessors were left with hundreds of billions of dollars worth of flight equipment being parked. Dhierin was commissioned by an aerospace corporation to explore the opportunities assessing how the market for second-hand aircraft could affect pricing power on the brand new wide body aircraft.

AeroAnalysis is open to consultancy for aerospace companies. However, in the form of The Aerospace Forum, Dhierin also offers a hub for smaller retail investors and hedge fund managers with an interest to benefit from opportunities the aerospace industry offers. With hundreds of investment research reports informed by a background in aerospace engineering, and interactive monitors that help with data filtering and visualization and a Live Chat feature The Aerospace Forum is the go-to hub for everyone with a keen interest in the ever-evolving aerospace industry.

Dhierin-Perkash Bechai
CEO / Founder