Air India: More Boeing 777X Could Be Ordered

Boeing 777-9 Air India

Air India recently announced a big tentative order with Airbus and Boeing for 470 aircraft, the deal includes all Boeing passenger aicraft family platforms, as well as the Airbus A320neo family and Airbus A350 but could very well include more Boeing 777X orders in the future. 

What Did Air India Order From Boeing and Airbus?

This picture shows the Boeing aircraft ordered in Air India colors.

Air India tentatively agreed on buying 470 aircraft with 220 orders for Boeing and 250 orders for Airbus. Separately, Air India has 70 options for 50 additional Boeing 737 MAX aircraft and 20 Boeing 787 Dreamliners. The firm part of the tentative order includes 190 Boeing 737 MAX airplanes, 20 Boeing 787-9s and 10 Boeing 777-9s. 

Air India new Airbus fleet

Airbus will secure orders for 140 Airbus A320neo airplanes, 70 Airbus A321neo aircraft and 40 Airbus A350 airplanes. More details including market values of the deal can be found here.

General Electric Engine Order Hints At More Boeing 777-9 Orders

While there are no indications that Air India has options for more Boeing 777-9 airplanes. A press release from General Electric indicates that Air India has ordered 40 GE9X turbofans which would be enough to power 20 airplanes. So, possibly we will be seeing another 10 Boeing 777-9 ordered in the future. With the upcoming order Air India will become the newest customer for the Boeing 777X.  

To date Boeing has gathered 353 orders for the Boeing 777X. Its order book primarily consists of orders from Emirates and Qatar Airways. The books also include an order for 10 Boeing 777-9, which currently are not assumed to be from Air India but could be in a big surprise move. Boeing anticipated the first deliveries for the Boeing 777X to occur in 2025.

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