Boeing 737 MAX Return To Service In China – Update Week 16

While Boeing has partially halted Boeing 737 deliveries, there still are some positive trends as well. Probably the most notable one is the return to service of the Boeing 737 MAX in China. In this brief article, I highlight the activity for the Boeing 737 MAX for week 16.

In our evoX Data Analytics software, I have loaded the flight activity of the Boeing 737 MAX in China. Using those data inights we found the following:

  • 49 airplanes or 52% of the airplanes has returned to service.
  • Over 5,200 commercial flights have been flown.
  • Over 12,000 flight hours have been accumulated.
  • Cumulated utilization has improved from 3.3 hours to 6.1 hours per day.
  • Utilization so far in April is 6.6 hours per day.

For the week, the following results are obtained:

Week-over-week Changes Boeing 737 MAX in China
Metric Week 16 Week 15 Difference
Returns 4 3 +33.3%
Percentage returned 51.58% 46% +5.3%
Total aircraft returned 49 45 +8.9%
Flights 886 847 +4.6%
Flight Hours            2,126 2010 +5.8%

Overall, the number of returns was up by 1 unit in Week 16.The number of flights and flight hours are up 5-6 percent reflecting more aircraft in service for the full week but somewhat soft given the 9% increase in aircfraft returned which might be driven by the timing in the week of the service re-entry.

The current trend suggests that by the end of August all airplanes will have returned to service.

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