Driven by a strong readership of over 25 million readers and having published over 1,600 reports, we have developed a strong set of analytics skills and tools that we also utilize for consultancy services. Over the years, various industry conglomerates have made use of our consultancy services.

During the height of the pandemic, there had been concerns about the value proposition of brand-new aircraft compared to second-hand aircraft. AeroAnalysis provided thorough analysis for its client assessing utilization of aircraft, fuel efficiency calculations for those specific use cases, CASM calculations as well as multi-year cost projections. These insights have been shared with the client, who was able to make decisions safeguarding its porfolio and make informed decisions for its fleet and set up proper campaigns for the aircraft in question.

Over the years, AeroAnalysis has conducted research on behalf of clients for the aerospace industry several times supporting their efforts to position their campaigns, portfolios and businesses.


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